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New Email Rules

Additional information will be posted on this page.

In an effort to reduce spam, AOL and YAHOO (now both managed by Verizon) have adopted new rules governing mail deliveries.

Specifically, the number of emails sent from the same server are now limited on an hourly basis. If this number is exceeded, then the emails will be delayed or not delivered at all.

Depending on the number of AOL/YAHOO members you have, this may affect your email "blasts" from your admin website.

Typically, when an AOL/YAHOO member as defined your domain in their contact list, then the email would be delivered. However, given these new spam rule, that may no longer be the case.

These changes by AOL/YAHOO affect all email service providers, not just those used by my service provider (Hostek). While I continue to work with tech support on a solution, you should advise your AOL/YAHOO members to:

  1. Include your default domain email (located on your adm setup definitions page) in their contact list. (All email blasts are sent using the default domain email)
  2. Always check their spam folder for emails that originated from your domain.
  3. As AOL/YAHOO email services will be discontinued (see this article), please suggest that your AOL/YAHOO members change their email service to Gmail.

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