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Since 2002, NPD's website software has evolved through several generations...all in an effort to make it more powerful and easier to use.

As a new client, you can benefit from my experience working with dozens of organizations having diverse interests and needs. As a result, my software features a level of functionality that is not available from any other single source provider.

More importanly, my built-in emarketing app as helped my non-profit clients grow their membership and generate revenues through online donations, ticket sales and sponsorships.

To arrange for an online demo, please contact me.

NonProfitDynamics NPD MOAA Client Roster as of 2018-09-24: NPD Navy League Client Roster as of 2018-09-24: NPD Air Force Association Client Roster as of 2018-09-24: NPD Civil War Roundtable Client Roster as of 2018-09-24: Other NPD Clients: NonProfitDynamics

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